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Mark Vandermaas,

Mark was the lead investigator for the Ipperwash Papers project. He is the editor of, and a full time activist working to stop violence and civil rights violations during native land claims. He is a co-founder of CANACE - Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality.

Mary-Lou LaPratte,

Mary-Lou LaPratte lived in Ipperwash - her house was approximately 400 feet from the site where Dudley George fell - from 1990 to 2007 and was once nominated - unsuccessfully - for the Order of Canada in recognition of her tireless work in pursuing justice for the people of Ipperwash.

Mary-Lou, also a co-founder of CANACE, is determined to help the people and leaders of Ontario learn from the suffering of Ipperwash in order to prevent future victims of landclaim lawlessness. Her efforts at documenting and speaking out regarding events at Ipperwash made it possible for her to supply the majority of the 400 plus pages that make up the Ipperwash Papers project. The foundation of the project is Mary-Lou's 29-page chronological history which the Ipperwash Inquiry refused to publish. It is listed as 'A-1' in the Document Index and is a shocking indictment of race-based policing that is a 'must read' for every politician in Ontario.

Mary-Lou was featured in a VoiceofCanada feature, Strength of a Woman - "Mary-Lou LaPratte, Ipperwash hero."

Gary McHale,

Gary is editor of and is a full time activist working to stop violence and civil rights violations during native land claims. He was a co-organizer of the Ipperwash Papers project and co-presenter at the Queen's Park Media Studio, March 14/07. Gary has organized many protest events in Caledonia, including the inaugural 'March for Freedom' event on October 15, 2006 that attracted 2,000 people who listened to speakers including MPP Toby Barrett, Caledonia resident Anne-Marie VanSickle and Mary-Lou LaPratte before marching in protest of OPP Two Tier Justice policies. He is also co-founder and Executive Director of CANACE.

Acknowledgement: The Ipperwash Papers project was created with assistance from Caledonia residents who wish to remain anonymous. We are grateful for their support.


Creation Date March 14, 2007